To add your business you must read and accept terms and conditions:

Read carefully

First you must read this page, in the bottom you will find a link to the inscription form.
Second afoter you complete the form a validation link will be send to your mail.
Aftter you confirm your mail the third step starts, an administrator will review and approve your space.

You should know;

  • We dont accept sites that sells medicines, as viagra, diet pilles, etc.
  • Each business can have only one space in KoalaTrends.
  • We do not accept companies dedicated to products or services for adults.
  • We do not accept pyramid scheme type companies as Amway, Herbalife, etc
  • If you fill out the form with false or incomplete information you will not be approved.
  • We do not accept gambling sites.


You must be the owner of the company to inscribe , if you are a third party must have explicit authorization of the company.