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Placing the Client center stage while preparing Estate Planning materials is critically important. Our office keeps a constant focus on the special needs of each client. This unrelenting focus on the client is reflected in Estate documents unique to the individual requirements of each client. Everyone is treated with courtesy and deserves effective representation. Expertise and integrity have earned Martin a reputation as one of Indiana's trusted Estate Planning attorneys.
A consistent track record of uncompromising ethics and attention to detail instills confidence and trust in the Estate Planning documents that we prepare. We use modern techniques and methods that allow us to prepare Will and Trust Documents along with other Estate Planning materials effectively and efficiently- keeping legal fees at a minimum while providing you with the most relevant information and perspectives.
What Is an Estate Plan?
An Estate Plan and accompanying legal documents address the management of your health care and property if you become disabled or die. Preparing your Estate materials in advance can help your loved ones save money, reduce stress and uncertainty, and help families stay focused on carrying out your wishes while caring for each other. Our office can work with you to create an Estate Plan and the necessary Will and Trust Documents along with other Advance Directives necessary to direct the distribution of your assets after death in accordance with your wishes. Advance Directives can be used to provide direction for your healthcare if you become unconscious or unable to provide that direction yourself.
Consider the following:
If you don't make the time to write a Will, your family may be forced to deal with a messy and lengthy probate process. And without a Will, you can’t assume that these important matters will be handled according to your intentions. With the help of an Estate Planning Attorney a Will can be prepared that clearly defines your wishes.
Do you have a Will? Were your Estate Planning materials prepared by a qualified Attorney? In Indiana there are important conventions that must be observed when preparing a Will. A qualified Attorney can assist you in preparing your Will and other Estate Planning documents. For example, proper witnessing will help ensure a Will is recognized and enforceable.
It's important to determine how your estate assets will pass to your loved ones. In a Will you can:
Direct the distribution of your probated property
Name a personal representative to manage the probate of your Will and the distribution of your probated property after your death.
Select a guardian for your minor children
Life changes such as a marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, new property ownership, moving to another state, the receipt of an inheritance suggest a need to review your Will to determine if it should be updated to address the changes in your life.
Dying without a Will:
Dying without a Will is known as dying intestate. If you die without a Will in Indiana, your probated assets are divided among members of your family according to Indiana law.
Non-probated assets (such as Life Insurance, IRA Savings Accounts, jointly titled Property, etc.) will pass according to beneficiary designations or according to the way in which jointly held assets are titled. However, for probated assets, the provisions of Indiana law may not answer important questions or match your wishes. A Will serves as an enforceable expression of your wishes.
For example, without appropriate Estate Planning, including a Will:
For some married couples, if a husband dies without a Will, a quarter of his probated estate may go to other members of the husband's family instead of his wife;
For couples with children, if a husband dies without a Will or a Trust to direct otherwise, as much as half of the husband's probated estate could pass directly to the children bypassing his wife;
For couples with minor children, without a Trust and provisional language within the Will, the children will receive their share of the probated estate at age eighteen without any restrictions on spending;
For couples with step children, if a husband passes without a Will, the inheritance of the step children and wife can become a very thorny matter.
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