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Big Al's Auto Glass Repair Las Vegas NV (702) 723-4348 Windshield Repair Windshield
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Big Al fixed me up this afternoon after I called just this morning. I didn't
have to wait long for my new back glass. Quick and easy.
Brent LovalierSan Diego
I've never had such friendly service in anything. This from a nice clean auto
glass repairman who was super efficient and a real gentleman.
Last night someone broke into my car and by 10 AM this morning I had new glass
installed in my Cobalt. Thank you very much!
Mrs. OrtegaOakland
I recommend Big Als for really great service and good prices on top of it.
Brent LindstromSan Francisco
I've bought auto glass before and it's not always a friendly arrangement but Big Al was really good to do business with.
Alvin BlessingDenver
Thank you so much for fixing my Lexus windshield this morning. It lools terrific.
A. MohamedBoston
Ya better call Big Al when ya need a new windshield cuz he's the best.
Roger FinleySt Louis
Having been through this nightmare before, I knew exactly who to call. Thanks Big Al!
Allison RodgersLas Vegas
The crime is out of control here and people are getting their windows smashed all the time. They got mine last night but Big Al's Auto Glass Repair took care of me this morning. Great service!
Suki ListonPortland
You were recommended by a guy at work and he was right on. You did a really good job of getting my new windshield repaired and looking almost like new.
Bryan AcuffSeattle
Big Al's Auto Glass Repair
Las Vegas NV
4370 Alexander Rd
Las Vegas NV 89115
(702) 723-4348
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We pretty much offer the whole enchilada, including: Windshield
Las Vegas NV
- Windshield Repair
Las Vegas NV
- Windshield Replacement
Las Vegas NV
- Auto Glass Repair
Las Vegas NV
- Auto Glass Replacement
Las Vegas NV
- Auto Windshield Repair
Las Vegas NV
- Auto Windshield Replacement
Las Vegas NV
- Hatchback Glass Repair
Las Vegas NV
- Hatchback Glass Replacement
Las Vegas NV
- Side Glass Repair
Las Vegas NV
- Side Glass Replacement
Las Vegas NV
- Truck Glass Repair
Las Vegas NV
- Truck Glass Replacement
Las Vegas NV
- Truck Windshield Repair
Las Vegas NV
- Truck Windshield Replacement
Las Vegas NV
. If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere.
All About Big Al's Auto Glass Repair Las Vegas NV
Hey, thanks for stopping by Big Al's website. I hope we can help you solve your windshield repair, windshield replacement, auto glass repair, and auto glass replacement problems.I've been at this stuff since I was a kid and my crew members have been at it since George Washington crossed the Delaware. Well, maybe not quite that long but it seems like it.First, let's clear up some terminology. Windshield repair and windshield replacement are not the same thing.Windshield replacement is pretty straightforward by definition. We'll pull out your old unrepairable cracked windshield and replace it with a brand new windshield that you'll just love.Windshield repair, on the other hand, is a patching process that brings back your broken windshield to near-new condition, at least as far as those little rock chips that occur now and then.Windshield repair is fast, convenient, and less costly than if we were to install a new windshield for you. Keep in mind that not all broken windshields can be repaired. Some require new auto glass and there's no way around it.Here's a guideline we use for determining if you need a new windshield or if you can get by with just a windshield rock chip repair.
The</a> damage must be recent. Old breaks can begin to suffer delamination between the glass and plastic interlayer and that makes for a dangerous situation.
The rock chip needs to be clean. If contaminating substances like road grime, car wash soap, or wax have intruded into the damage, the adhesive that holds the glass together won't stick.
The windshield chip, including any protruding cracks, must be no larger in diameter than a 25 cent coin. That's one inch in diameter, maximum.
If the damage is in your line of sight, it can be no larger in diameter than 3/8 of an inch.
Successful windshield chip repair starts with those four points. Measure the damage, refrain from contaminating it, check the location relative to your line of sight, and get it fixed immediately if possible, not tomorrow or next week. Every moment counts.
Oh yeah, and keep the windshield out of the hot sun if possible. Heating and cooling of the glass cause the broken windshield to expand and contract, putting more stress on the damaged area.
Like just about everything else in our world, windshields come in different levels of goodness. There are really cheap and low quality windshields that are imported from third world countries. Oh man! You don't want any of that junk installed in your car, unless you drive a real hunk 'o junk just for a work car or something like that.
These windshields can sometimes cost less than the best quality windshields, called OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer, but not always. I've even seen cases where the crummy glass costs more than the OEM variety. Go figure!
No matter how you analyze it, sometimes it's better to forget small price differences and just go for the best stuff out there. Here's why:
OEM glass fits better
OEM glass meets all the exacting dimensional requirements of the car manufacturer
OEM glass will better match what your car originally had in it, like color and tint
OEM glass is less likely to cause air and water leaks (another important factor is the skill of the installer)
OEM glass is just safer all around and much less apt to pop out in a collision (again, skill plays a very important role)
Most cars have tempered glass in the doors, side and back. You may have seen how tempered glass breaks. Basically, it just explodes into thousands of small, relatively harmless chunks, unlike untempered glass that breaks into big sharp meat-slicing swords of destruction.
Therefore, when you get damage to your tempered glass, it's usually not repairable. There are some instances where you might get a scratch on tempered glass and some of those can be repaired by polishing. The problem is that the labor to polish is usually more than the cost of complete tempered auto glass replacement.
Windshields are made of untempered glass but are laminated with a plastic layer to avoid that flying meat slicer effect. When a windshield breaks, it usually sticks to the plastic. You've probably seen the effect I'm talking about. Other than the plastic interlayer, a windshield is the same kind of glass that you have in your kitchen window, however the kitchen window doesn't have a plastic layer to hold it together when it breaks.
Oops! I almost forgot. A very few cars, usually like Mercedes Benz and other high end vehicles, might have laminated side windows and back glass, just like the windshield.
The nice thing about replacing tempered glass in your car is that you can drive away immediately. With windshield replacement, there is a waiting time so the adhesive can cure. Not so with auto glass in your doors or other areas.
Typically, replacing a piece of door glass takes from 30 to 45 minutes. Windshield replacement can take up to an hour or longer and the wait time, called SAFE DRIVE AWAY TIME, must be added on to that.
Our goal is to offer OEM glass whenever it's available, including tempered auto glass, and to get your car back to original condition, as close as possible.
Time on the job is certainly important because there are so many critical little things to learn in the windshield repair and windshield replacement business. That goes for tempered auto glass replacement too.
There's another element to high quality auto glass replacement that comes into play and you want to make sure that anyone you hire to work on your car has it. Ask if the installers are trained and certified by a sanctioned organization. A good glass technician is taught to take no shortcuts because of the severe safety consequences that can result from shoddy work. Really, that's probably the most important aspect of hiring an auto glass company.
When you Hire Big Al's Auto Glass Repair, you get the experience, the training, and the certification so you can feel confident from the get-go. Thanks for your business! We appreciate our customers.
Big Al's Auto Glass Repair
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Big Al's Auto Glass Repair
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