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Independent Associate
The need for our Life Events Legal Plans has never been greater! Check out this current news story for just one example of how our services can benefit you:
Article Features Couple Who Faces Foreclosure ... for Paying Mortgage Too Early
Thousands are Wrongly Declared Dead Every Year
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Five Facts about Social Security
It's the Dawning of a New Age for Baby Boomers; Who Can Afford to Retire?
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Your own business...
With Pre-Paid Legal Services, you can embrace freedom, excitement and the personal fulfillment of owning your own business and helping others. A day in the life of an Independent Associate includes setting your own hours, developing and working with your own organization, and so much more.
Are you ready to take charge of your future?
Pre-Paid Legal allows you to work around your schedule
It feels good to not have to worry
Pre-Paid Legal Associates get to spend more time with their families
Pre-Paid Legal gives people the peace of mind needed in this economy
Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associates are dedicated, hardworking, and caring individuals that want to make a living while making a difference in the lives of others. Enroll now and embark on an exciting new career. Read more >>.
Pre-Paid Legal Services
Pre-Paid Legal offers multiple ways for you to receive income, and we even give you the option of daily direct deposits. Here are some of the ways you can generate income with your business:
Direct Sales Compensation*: Help others receive access to justice through the marketing of Pre-Paid Legal Plans. We offer a lucrative and competitive compensation structure which provides income for every Pre-Paid Legal Plan that you market. We've also designed this plan to grow with you, so the more you sell the higher you advance in the compensation plan and the more you receive for your sales.
Override Income*: You have the opportunity to sign others up to become Independent Associates just like you. These people may sign up others and so on. This makes up your organization. Whenever an Associate under you makes a sale, you may receive override income.
Residual Income*: Your initial commission for a membership sale is an advance, once the advance period has passed, if the Membership is still active, you will begin earning residual income.
Contests and Promotions*: Throughout the year opportunities will arise for you to earn additional income through contests and promotions. Some promotions will also offer ways to advance more quickly to a higher commission level.
*All Independent Associates receive a Success Guide with full details on commissions. This information is also available online in "Associates Only" at
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A day in the life...
As an Independent Associate, this business is your own so you determine your schedule. But to give you an idea of the types of activities you might be doing on any given day, here's a brief illustration taken from countless stories given by Pre-Paid Legal Associates through the years. (This content is fictional and for illustrative purposes only*. Results can and WILL vary from person to person.)
A Day in the Life of a New Independent Associate
Our business is all about sharing Pre-Paid Legal and the Business Opportunity, but when I first signed up, I felt excited about the potential, but nervous at the same time. I had worked as an administrative assistant for years, and this was a huge departure from what I was used to. My sponsor Jan was amazing, though. She coached me, helped me with my first Private Business Reception (PBR) and was always calling me to offer support and advice. But the first time I made a call by myself, I was terrified.
I think I drove around the block about three or four times before I managed to get enough nerve to pull in. There was nothing to be nervous about, though. When I finally did knock on the door, Jane was warm and friendly and very receptive. As a single mom of two rowdy boys, she was really looking for an opportunity to supplement her income. I played a DVD for her, talked about the different ways a Legal Plan could be beneficial, and before I knew it, she had signed up to be a Member and an Associate. As I left Jane's house I was exhilarated, I was able to help a friend, and I had just earned my first commission on my own!
* The events and characters in the above illustrations are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
A day in the life of an Executive Director >>.
A day in the life...
A Day in the Life of an Executive Director (ED)
I've owned my own Pre-Paid Legal business for about three years and let me tell you, I have never regretted it for a moment. As an ED, I get to help those who are new to the business in my organization, get started. I lend business advice, help them with PBRs, and offer as much encouragement as I can.
And the time freedom! Every morning I drop my kids off and go back to the house to check up on my business via Associates Only. Since I'm on daily direct deposits, I get paid as soon as my business processes. I can monitor all my business right from my home office. I also get to meet people, help people, and work with others, it's amazing. This business is one you can tailor to your personal preferences. Work from home by doing PBRs, expand to luncheons and Business Briefings in your area, or train for group sales, and visit local businesses to share about Pre-Paid Legal. You can also travel to other states if you want to expand your business even more. The sky is really the limit with Pre-Paid Legal.
There is so much freedom that comes with this business. It gives you such an opportunity to live for yourself while helping others protect their rights, helping others break free from their jobs and step out on their own. I know I'm making a difference, and that's huge.
* The events and characters in the above illustrations are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
A day in the life of a Platinum Executive Director >>.
A day in the life...
A Day in the Life of a Platinum Level Executive Director
I've been in Pre-Paid Legal close to 10 years now. At this point in my career, I've pretty well established my business. I have a great organization of dedicated and hardworking Associates, and I spend most of my days training, mentoring, and encouraging those who are new to my organization. I also support the activities of those in my organization who are more seasoned. I receive significant overrides from those working beneath me, and in addition, I collect residual income each month from the memberships I've sold. I speak at luncheons, help with PBRs, conduct Business Briefings and monitor the progress of my organization and our sales via Associates Only. My organization is like family, we support each other, help each other and offer training and advice, so no Associate ever feels like they're on their own. I wish everyone could experience the blessings you can reap from a Pre-Paid Legal business.
My wife Jane and I take two vacations a year; one is Pre-Paid Legal's yearly incentive trip which is amazing: They know how to treat their Associates! Then when the kids are off for the holidays, we like to go skiing for a week in Colorado. And the coolest thing is, while we're on vacation, our overrides and residuals come in and are deposited directly into our account, so we make money even when we're taking a break!
Jane helps me with Pre-Paid Legal sometimes, but her main job is being a stay-at-home mom. Pre-Paid Legal has enabled us both to be there for the kids, and we never miss a dance recital, football game, or track meet.
* The events and characters in the above illustrations are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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Everything you need
When you sign up to become a Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate, we'll ship an Associate Kit straight to you. The kit contains everything you need to get started:
Associate Agreements
Member Applications
The Pre-Paid Legal Success Guide (Your Handbook to Pre-Paid Legal)
Lady of Justice lapel pin
And much more
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