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Miami Automobile AccidentsMiami Elder Care AttorneyMiami Slip/Trip and Fall CasesFlorida Product Liability AttorneyLegal Malpractice/Statute of Limitations/And LiensMiami Construction AccidentsMiami School AccidentsMiami Road Design Accidents
Blog Miami Automobile AccidentsDo You Live Near the Most Dangerous Intersection in the Country?Celebrity Justice in Florida?Proving Your Case Might Be a Lot EasierFlorida Road is Called "A Six Lane Meat Grinder"view allMiami Elder Care AttorneyIf you are considering putting loved ones in a Florida nursing home, YOU NEED TO GO TO THIS SITE.Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements Are Not In Your Best InterestsLas Vegas Targets Elder AbusersWoman Arrested for Abusing Elder Victim, Who Later Diedview allFlorida Product Liability AttorneyCooking Fires resulting in burn injuriesA Company is Not Heroic for Obeying a Recallview allMiami Construction AccidentsCourts Find That Some Employers Are Risking the Safety of Their EmployeesWorkplace Safety TermsMaryland has the right ideaLong but Required Reading for any Construction WorkerNotice of Claim Filed in Fatal Manhattan Construction Accidentview allMiami School AccidentsBack to school time and the dangers of playgrounds and playground equipmentSUV Strikes, Drags N.Y. Student in School Parking Lotview allGeneralAuditing Insurance Company ServicePIP Insurance Coverage is Crucial for Real ProtectionAllstate Rated as "Worst Insurance Company:" Did Your Insurer Make the List?Saving on Car Insurance Doesn't Have to Involve the LizardIdaho Construction Worker Electrocutedview all Firm NewsHappenings in the firm Posted on 8/6/2009Infections from the negligence of nail salons. Posted on 8/6/2009Unusual cases Posted on 8/6/2009Playgrounds and Playground equipment Posted on 8/6/2009Recalls and Warnings of Defective Products. Posted on 8/6/2009Dangerous buses Posted on 8/6/2009Court Finds That Some Employers Are Risking the Safety of Their Employees Posted on 1/27/2009Courts Find that Some Employers are Risking the Safety of their Employees Posted on 1/27/2009Suing an employer Posted on 1/26/2009Cooking Fires Posted on 1/26/2009View All News Firm LibraryMiami Automobile AccidentsInsurance Adjuster Tricks of the TradeWe Help Clients Get Fair Car Accident Injury SettlementsSeat Belts Save LivesDistraction is the Norm with American DriversImportant Things to Do After the AccidentMan Faces 54 Counts of Mail FruadA Miami-Dade jury found a school principal partially liable for the death of one teen and paralysis of another.One Police Department Arms Itself with State of the Art Fire ExtinguishersNTSB Chairman Looks to Technology Initiatives to Increase Auto SafetyNo concensus on whether hands-free cell devices are saferWithout mandatory PIP insurance for just four days, the Florida legislature agreed on a compromise bill it has forward to Gov. Crist's offiice.PIP Hangs in Balance; Costs Would Shift to Providers, InsureesMiami Elder Care AttorneySigns of Nursing Home AbuseNursing Home Restraints: Sometimes Necessary, but Easily AbusedWoman Dies in Hospital after being Left with Two Broken Legs on Nursing Home FloorWoman Charged with Starving Mother to DeathPolice Arrest Two Nurses for Illegally Giving Morphine to Nursing Home ResidentsHarrassed Elder Residents Relieved to Have New HomesIowa Mulls Criminalization of Elder AbuseNY Nursing Home Facing State Sanctions Now Sued by FamilyDialysis Patient Allowed to Sit for Hours in Own WasteNY Senator Wants Federal Legislation to Monitor Elder AbuseAdult Day-Care Facilities Offer Programs, Encourage Personal InteractionChildren Often Guilty of FInancially Abusing Elderly ParentsFlorida to Prosecute Cases of Elder Abuse and ExploitationArizona Nursing Home Stripped of Medicare, Medicaid FundingCentral Florida Non-Profit Provides Adult Daycare for Family CaregiversCaregiver Charged with Murder in Beating Death of NJ ManFederal Agency Lists Three Florida Nursing Homes Among Worst in NationNursing Home Patient Hospitalized after Maggots Found In EyeAssigned to Care for Her 94-year-old father, Daughter Now Faces Attempted Homicide ChargesA bill in the U.S. House would cut millions for Florida's nursing home residents in favor of health care to needy childrenMiami Slip/Trip and Fall CasesDo You Have a Slip and Fall Case?Katrina Evacuees Sue FEMA, Manufacturers for High Formaldehyde Levels in TrailersFlorida Product Liability AttorneyFinding the Cause of Faulty ProductsImmunity for FEMA Over Toxic Trailers?Ever since the FDA issued a Class I recall of the Bard hernia patch, numerous patients have filed suit.Trailer-Bound Katrina Evacuees Living amid FormaldehydeFaulty Wire in Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator Costs Company $114MConsumers Should Check Recalled Toy Lists for High Lead LevelsStarbucks' Plastic Children's Cups Could Break Apart, Causing Choking HazardSeven people died in the Chicago area 25 years ago after taking Tylenol laced with Cyanide. The case is still open.For the third time in a month, Mattel has recalled a product. This time, lead is the culprit.Miami Construction AccidentsFalls are the Real Danger on Construction SitesResponsibility for Construction SafetyEye Injuries on the Jobsite Can Ruin Your LifeNail Gun Safety, Important for Workers in Miami and EverywhereFollowing the Rules Can Help a Miami Construction Accident CaseLack of Basic Safety Considerations Leads to Miami Construction AccidentsCommon Causes of Miami Construction AccidentsWorkers Sue Bridge Contractors for Negligence after OSHA Issues FinesHigh Winds Could Have Caused Roof Collapse Near BostonOne Worker Missing, 23 Injured after Garage Collapses at Jacksonville Construction SiteMediator Tells Minnesota Legislature to Pay Victims of Bridge Collapse NowMiami School AccidentsImportant Information for School Accident VictimsFive-year-old Student Recovers after Scarf-Choking Incident at SchoolEighteen-year-old Kills Nine in Finland School ShootingTV Reporter With Gun Arrested After Refusing to Leave Sidewalk at Miami Central Senior High SchoolVirginia Student Who Died of "Staph" Infection May Have Contracted Bacteria at SchoolSeven-Year-Old Gets One-Day Suspension from School for Drawing Stick Figure Aiming Gun at Another Stick FigureIn this, the deer mating season, a deer crashed through a school window but eventually left the building via a door.A "Staph" Infection Outbreak Has Closed a Virginia High SchoolA high school teacher in Oregon claims she has a legal right to carry a concealed weapon in school.Miami Road Design AccidentsIn the Wake of the Minnesota Bridge Collapse, the Florida Department of Transportation Has Planned Inspections of the State's 11,000 Bridges.Florida Highway Officials Might Be Wise to Copy Missouri's Road Innovations, Which May Have Accounted for Decrease in Traffic FatalitiesGeneralDiscover What the Right Miami-Dade County Attorney Can Do for YouWhat Everyone Should Know About Auto AccidentsPersonal Injury: When You Need to Contact a LawyerMiami Accident Attorneys: New Insurance Company Report by American Association of JusticeGetting Ready for a Deposition is ImportantDriving and Texting Don't MixCongress Weighs Record Budget Increase for Consumer Product Safety CommissionFlorida's Cities & Counties spend a fraction of what special interests do to lobby the state legislaturemore >
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Miami Automobile AccidentsMiami Elder Care AttorneyMiami Slip/Trip and Fall CasesFlorida Product Liability AttorneyLegal Malpractice/Statute of Limitations/And LiensMiami Construction AccidentsMiami School AccidentsMiami Road Design Accidents
The Law Office of Klemick & Gampel | Miami Florida Auto Accident Attorneys & Lawyers | Miami Car Wreck Attorney, Miami Construction Accident Lawyer, Miami Personal Injury Lawyers & Attorneys The Law Office of Klemick & Gampel
Suffer an accident? Feel cheated? Unable to work?  Is your pain and suffering due to the negligence of someone unsympathetic to your needs? You are the one enduring physical pain, mental anguish and loss of pride because someone wasn’t thinking “safety first” or abiding by the law. If you’ve had enough, you’ve found the right professionals to fight for you in Klemick & Gampel, the Miami, Florida accident attorneys who “work for you.” We tackle the corporate and insurance giants to secure your financial benefits from an accident on a construction site, an accident at work, a school accident or a car accident. We will fight for your rights if you’ve suffered ill consequences from a faulty product, slip and fall, wrongful death, medical malpractice or neglect in a nursing home or retirement facility.
Depend on us…..Simply provide the details of your accident and let the professionals at Klemick & Gampel protect your rights under the law. We know personal injury law and realize the injustices people like you suffer. As a team, we will seek the justice you deserve. We want to hear your side of the story. Whatever is discussed between you and our attorneys remains confidential. We will work for you to fix the problem.
Let integrity “work for you”….At K&G, we specialize in personal injury lawsuits and have successfully tried litigation in Miami, Dade County and across South Florida. Judges know and respect us. Our clients trust us. Herman M. Klemick, Ross Bennett Gampel and Christopher G. Klemick bring 80 years of courtroom experience to work for you. Call K&G and you meet face to face with an attorney, who will explain all the legal details to you. To get the best results, you need to work with the best and that is K&G.
Our track record is respected… People in your situation who’ve worked with our attorneys have won financial claims involving product liability, roadwork and sidewalk design and maintenance, automobile accidents and construction/school site accidents. They were distraught and didn’t know where to turn. That’s until they let our expert staff represent them. Since then, they have peace of mind knowing they were treated fairly under the law. They reclaimed their pride, are able to pay their bills and now enjoy life instead of worrying about the future.
Be a part of K&G’s team…We will seek the financial settlement you deserve from those resistant when it comes to justice. We work hard to prove in court that schools, government officials, contractors, manufacturers and insurance officials could be liable for financial compensation to someone like you suffering from their negligence. K&G’s staff will pursue and implement novel, factual and research-based legal arguments in a courtroom before a judge/jury so you can become a winner, not remain a loser.
Stay informed with K&G…On this page, you can find links to news on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. You will be able to monitor lobbying activities of the insurance industry on medical malpractice and tort reform. You can listen to members of Congress comment on legislation that impacts personal injury and malpractice victims like you. And you can read about bills passed into law that resemble your situation. Be a smarter client in K&G’s “classroom.”
Find legal peace of mind with the K&G pros… Dial 305.856.4577 or contact us here and we will repsond within 24 hours. K&G belongs to The Florida Bar Association, The Colorado Bar Association, The Florida Justice Association (formerly known as The Academy of Florida Trial Attorneys) and The American Association for Justice (formerly known as The Association of Trial Lawyers of America).
Practice Areas Miami Automobile AccidentsIf you have been in an automobile accident in South Florida, Miami or in Dade county you need to get legal assistance from the Law Firm of Klemick and Gampel. Download Seven Deadly Sins to Wreck your Florida Accident Case hereMiami Elder Care AttorneyIf you’ve documented situations of neglect with your loved one in a nursing home, this will help us. Let Klemick & Gampel represent you. We fight stubborn insurance companies whose culprit clients commit these crimes behind the window dressing of gaudy wallpaper, chandeliered dining rooms and food with industrial odors.Miami Slip/Trip and Fall CasesNo matter where you are walking there are dangers everywhere. There are broken sidewalks, water and slippery liquids on the floor, hidden steps, and dark hallways. If you are injured as a result of one of these dangers you may be able to collect your medical bills, lost wages, disability, and pain.Florida Product Liability AttorneySuccessful personal injury litigation could enhance your future. Disregard your physical or mental health and you could jeopardize the rest of your life. A disability could prohibit you from holding a job. Prolonged pain and suffering could lead to sleep deprivation or depression. Ignore prescribed physical therapy and your disability could become permanent. So agonize no further. Call the trusted personal injury counsel at Klemick & Gampel, which has over 80 years combined experience. At Klemick & Gampel, “We work for You.”Legal Malpractice/Statute of Limitations/And LiensOur firm has recently handled two legal malpractice cases. Both of the cases involved an attorney letting the statute of limitations for an accident or injury case run. In Florida the statutes are four (4) years for normal accident, two (2) years for medical malpractice and two (2) years for death claims.Miami Construction AccidentsConstruction work in Miami, Florida is physical. Employees are “laborers.” And sometimes, employees are referred to as “unskilled labor.” You go home with -- a backache, sore knees, a stiff neck, arthritis or even a debilitating injury? Construction accidents occur on the job site and could result in physical injury.Miami School AccidentsThere is nothing you wouldn’t do to protect the biggest investment of your life, right? Whatever the cost, or commitment of time and energy, you would make it to insure your child’s safety under your care. It’s your responsibility. More than that, it’s your passion. At Klemick & Gampel, our passion is fighting for the civil rights of people injured through the fault of others. And school site accident litigation is one of our areas of expertise.Miami Road Design AccidentsKeep in mind that The Miami Florida highway departments, public works, cities, counties and the state are all responsible for their negligence. That’s how it works in the business world. The safety of motorists and pedestrians is the responsibility of their construction crews who operate potentially dangerous machinery and equipment. back to top
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FAQsMiami Automobile AccidentsDo I still need to contact my insurance company even if I am not at fault for the accident?What if I had an accident with someone who doesn’t have liability insurance?How much is my case worth?Miami Elder Care AttorneyWhat is a power of attorney?What if my loved one was hurt in a nursing facility?Miami Slip/Trip and Fall CasesCan I sue a landowner if I fall on a broken sidewalk?If I slip/trip and fall on a broken sidewalk can I recover damages?Florida Product Liability AttorneyAgainst whom can I make a claim if I was injured as a result of a defective product?I have an injury due to a defective product. Do I have a case?Miami Construction AccidentsWhat damages can be recovered in my Miami construction accident case?Can I sue my employer if I am hurt on the job?Is it possible to get more than just the workers’ compensation if I was injured while working on a construction site?Miami School AccidentsMy son took the school bus this morning when the bus had a collision with another vehicle. My son and a few other students were injured as a result. What can I do?My son has had several bruises here and there after he came back from school. Later he told me that he was abused by his teacher. What can I do?Miami Road Design AccidentsWhat road design accident cases are there?Who is responsible for the design and defects of the state highways?more >
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