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Liberty Legal Plan with Identity Theft Plan
Team Liberty Legal Prepaid Plan
Includes an Identity Theft Reimbursement Plan & Tax-Accounting Plan
Liberty Legal Plan
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Liberty Legal Planwith Identity Theft Protection
Price: $19.95/Month
Plan Benefits Includes FREE & DISCOUNTED Legal Services
&#8226; Telephone Consultations
&#8226; Face-to-Face Consultations
&#8226; Identity Theft Protection
&#8226; Tax & Financial Planning
&#8226; Mediation Consultations
&#8226; Free Simple Will
Sign Up Here &#8226; "Do it yourself" Legal Forms Preparation
&#8226; Online Access to Legal Articles
&#8226; Frequently Asked Questions
&#8226; Legal Guides
&#8226; 25% Discount on Retained Services
(* See membership handbook for complete details and any limitations.)

AboutOur Legal Plan
Liberty Legal provides access to the highest quality of legal service available at a fraction of what traditional legal services cost, potentially saving our members thousands of dollars in legal fees. The reason...because our members receive free consultations, whereby a trained legal professional will answer questions about legal issues and assist in finding the right solution for our members' needs at preferred rates. Additionally, we go the extra mile to exceed our members' expectations. We are here to help our members every step of the way.
Our online Access can ease your mind quickly. It seems that troublesome legal issues don't know that attorneys aren't available 24 hours a day. So what do you do when you can't sleep because you are wondering what you options are or have a great idea and want to start a new company? With Liberty Legal, you have online access to a vast library of Legal Articles and Legal Guides written by professional, practicing lawyers that can help answer your questions. Topics include all those listed above and many, many more. There are in-depth articles available under each topic.
As a special service, Liberty Legal offers 24-hour emergency access in the event of an arrest or detention of a covered family member. Simply call the toll free number and be prepared to discuss the details of the arrest. If it is determined to be an emergency that an attorney can assist with, an attorney will call you back with advice and instructions. Now that is priceless!
Get Advice on Legal Issues such as:
&#8226; Auto Accident
&#8226; Employment Issues
&#8226; Patent
&#8226; Bankruptcy Options
&#8226; Estate Questions
&#8226; Real Estate
&#8226; Business Formation
&#8226; Family Matters
&#8226; Child Custody
&#8226; Guardianship
&#8226; Revocable Trust
&#8226; Child Support
&#8226; Health Care Directive
&#8226; State Issues
&#8226; Class Action Involvement
&#8226; Small Claims Court
&#8226; Insurance Issues
&#8226; Social Security
&#8226; Consumer issues
&#8226; Labor Law
&#8226; Tax Issues
&#8226; Contract Dispute
&#8226; Landlord/Tenant Issues
&#8226; Court Summons
&#8226; Title Issues
&#8226; Credit Fraud
&#8226; Living Trust
&#8226; Credit Issues
&#8226; Living Will
&#8226; Will
&#8226; Civil Litigation
&#8226; Criminal Law
&#8226; Personal Injury
&#8226; Elder Law
&#8226; Immigration
&#8226; Disability
&#8226; Estate Planning
&#8226; Patent & Trade Secrets
&#8226; Trademarks
&#8226; Civil Rights
&#8226; Government Admin
&#8226; Adoption
&#8226; Driver&#8217;s License Issues
&#8226; Copyrights
&#8226; Divorce
&#8226; Document Review
&#8226; Malpractice
&#8226; Domestic Relations

Identity Theft Protection
You never know what it will cost you to regain your identity!
&#8226; Unlimited No Cost Consultations with highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialists
&#8226; 8 Emergency Responses
&#8226; ID Theft Emergency Response Kit
&#8226; $25,000 IDT Insurance Coverage for Lost Wages Clearing your Name
&#8226; Telephone or Face to Face Legal Consultation on Each New Issue
Reasons for an IDT Program:
&#8226; Over 990,000 Americans were victims of ID Theft last year.
&#8226; The average consumer spends over 175 Hrs & $1,000 per occurrence resolving ID Theft issues.
&#8226; Victims of ID Theft average 2 to 5 years clearing up credit related problems.
&#8226; Our program helps members "When time is not on their side".
The television and newspapers are filled with stories of millions of Americans&#8217; personal data being stolen from banks, even the federal government! You can be careful with the credit cards in your hand, but with undetected thieves possibly gaining unauthorized access to your personal financial information from your bank, your favorite online shopping store, your trash, your mail, even through a change of address. How can you control it? You have to act as soon as you detect it. Liberty gives you the resources to combat and recover from identity theft starting with a simple phone call! Be prepared for the worst with Liberty Identity Theft protection!
USA Today reports: "Restoring identity will take approximately 20 hours and $1,500 plus attorney fees."
Tax & Financial Planning
Advice and Services:
&#8226; No Cost Telephone Consultations
&#8226; Financial Counselor Consultations
&#8226; Annual Tax Planning Consultations
&#8226; Personal Income Tax Documents
&#8226; Prepared by a CPA at 25% Preferred Discount Rate
&#8226; Tax and Wage Garnishment Resolution
Personal Services for:
&#8226; Home-Based Business Deductions
&#8226; General Budget
&#8226; Financial Matters
&#8226; Consumer Credit
&#8226; Financial Counseling
&#8226; Retirement Planning
&#8226; College Funding
&#8226; Estate Conservation
&#8226; Charitable Giving
&#8226; IRA Funding
Business Services for:
&#8226; Buy-Sell Funding
&#8226; Executive Bonus
&#8226; Key Person Protection
&#8226; Voluntary Payroll Deduction Programs
&#8226; Deferred Compensation
&#8226; Qualified Plan Funding such as
&#8226; Sep, Keoghs, 401(k)s, Pension
There are so many sources offering advice on what to do with your money, it is mind boggling. From the investment VP at your bank, to pushy relatives who know &#8220;everything&#8221; about investing, to the latest not-so-well researched article in the magazine you read in the bathroom, everyone has an opinion. Who is right? What is right for your situation and goals? Talk to an impartial and experienced Tax and Accounting professional, with no financial stake in your decision. You can depend on these professionals to layout all aspects and ask you the right questions to get you the right result. If you don&#8217;t invest, you can get advice on how to best manage the assets you have, pay down debt and how to keep as much as possible at tax time!
Legal Forms & Documents
You won't believe the money you can save by using the online Legal Forms Library. If you own a business, or are thinking about starting one, take advantage of this time and money saving option. Many of these forms are actually reviewed for accuracy, completed and printed by a company specializing in legal document preparation. There is no need to download or printer your own documents. So your legal documents are professional every time. There are hundreds of forms available in these categories.

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