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Dog Grooming that’s way better than PetSmart or PetLove put together.
“Safety and Quality Takes Time”
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All Services Included:
We will solve your pets problems.
Become a member and make your dog happy and healthy.
Other groomers charge extra for each of these needed services.
At Grooming Table Dallas, they are all included with grooming!!!
Training and daycare *******************************$0.00
Cleaning Ears***************************************$0.00
Brush Teeth ****************************************$0.00
Anal Glands ****************************************$0.00
Hand Cut & File Nails*******************************$0.00
Trim Pads & Sanitary Areas *************************$0.00
Dead Hair Removal **********************************$0.00
Flea Shampoo ***************************************$0.00
Cleaning Ears *************************************$0.00
Medicated Bath**************************************$0.00
No Surprises, No Contract, Everything’s Included.
Call 972-960-7171 for grooming program pricing
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