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Locations534 South Conkling StreetBaltimore, Maryland410-276-6666Also W. Pratt Street LocationMap to our location
Information Categories (1-9)1. Services Specially Tailored to You2. Groomers' Credentials3. Parking Accessibility4.Our SpecialTechniques5. Have You Ever Seen a Dog in Drag?6. Pet Supplies and Fantastic Deals7. Activities for "While-U-Wait" Grooming8. Traveling Times9. Excerpts and Grooming Tips From Our Book1. Services Specially Tailored to YouGrooming Today Possible!Matted, nervous, and problem pet specialistsEarly drop-off, While-U-Wait Service, and Budget Cuts availableIn-home grooming options for special circumstancesClimate controlled for your pet's comfort3+ flea & tick treatments, and skin disorders addressed.Veterinarian prescribed shampoos available on request.Easy access from downtown, Eastern Avenue, Route 40, and Interstate Highways 83, 95, and 895Convenient to shopping and Baltimore sites50-75% off a large selection of pet suppliesOne of Maryland's longest established pet grooming businesses2. Groomers' CredentialsDavid Walter, world-renowned groomer and owner of Lucky 3 Pet Grooming, trained at the New York School of Dog Grooming in Manhattan.His bookDog Grooming and Pet Care: Doing It With Style, emphasizes the importance of grooming safety and skillful techniques. This book was featured in the nationally published Globe magazine with a half-page story. He has also been featured in other publications and has appeared on television.He is currently writing a business manual and four video scripts for professional groomers. The manual is due to be released in 2011, and the CDs for the trade are awaiting production.His assistant groomer, Beverly, trained in Georgetown, Washington, DC. She perfected her grooming skills with David, and has worked with him for over 20 years. She is well-known and respected, with an outstanding reputation throughout the region for quality work.
Theyare widely known and recommended by many veterinarians throughout Maryland who give unbiased recommendations without reciprocal agreements.3. Parking Accessibility When parking is available, you can park in the business district on Conkling St. Warning: Customers who either park illegally on the street or do not pay the parking fees are often ticketed after just a few minutes. However, there are no parking fees on the residential streets and you can usually find a spot within a 2-block radius of the store. Please exercise and clean up after your animal immediately before entering the shop. 4.OurSpecialTechniquesDid you know that anyone can own and operate a pet grooming business? There are no state board exams to pass and no formal training is required,unlike other skilled professions.Groomers vary greatly in blade choices, scissoring, and overall techniques. Some groomers are clumsy, awkward, and even dangerous when grooming pets.When you take your animal into a grooming shop, you place your trust in that establishment. Do you really know if your pet is in the best hands? Will your pet be handled with finesse? Will he be sudsed over every area of his skin and rinsed thoroughly? Will the groomer use the right pressure when brushing or applying clippers to the skin? Will he or she be careful not to bruise the animal or not to cut the skin folds, moles, loose skin, bony areas, or other skin irregularities? Good grooming takes time. Will the groomer spend enough time scissoring and clipping your pet to provide the best finish? Will the staff be alert to your animal's needs or be preoccupied with frivolous matters? Will they take the extra time needed for young animals or older ones with arthritis or other ailments? Will grooming be a pleasant experience for your animal or it will leave an otherwise well-behaved animal with emotional trauma? With today's high cost of maintaining an animal, including the cost for veterinarians, why would anyone compromise on grooming and settle for less than they and their pets deserve? At Lucky 3 Pet Grooming, we accommodate customers who wish or need to stay with their pets. We offer advice on the basics of proper brushing and bathing. Beverly and I, because of our skill and experience, can offer the top-quality procedures described below.A complete grooming for each small to medium sized animal takes approximately 2 hours.However, thismay not include extensive drying time. When planned for, we can completely groom and bathe pets within a few hours of arrival. Be aware, however, we cannot groom all animals at the same time if they all arrive at once. We blow-dry soft coats by hand for extra beauty and comb and hand-scissor the fur many times for a smooth, even finish. We prefer not to take shortcuts and provide 2 to 4 times more labor per animal than many other shops.We use agenerous amount of shampoo in combination with a stimulating massage and, when needed, allow pets with parasites or skin disorders to soak in specialized shampoos for maximum benefits.We wash petsin a large, stainless steel tub designed for animal bathing, not insome makeshift device.We vacuum clipped pet hair often to prevent parasite transmission to other pets. In addition, for parasite-infested animals, special procedures are enforced. We exterminate the area thoroughly during and after grooming and quickly contain and dispose of all contaminated hair.Because of our skill, experience, and use of unbroken clipper blades, we rarely nick an animal. We change clippers every 2 minutes to prevent clipper burns and have an ample stock of clipper blades to further ensure safety. We don't skimp on grooming equipment when your animal's welfare is concerned. Handling nervous animals is one of our specialties. At Lucky 3 Pet Grooming, we are rarely bitten because of our many years of experience. Our customers feel confident that their pets are in the safest hands.Although we request prior notice, we try to accommodate spontaneous requests for grooming. However, we appreciate customers who schedule grooming in advance. Regular customers may receive discounted prices.At Lucky 3 we have groomed generations of family pets. There is a reason why customers travel many miles to us when other grooming shops are literally right around the corner from where they live.The staff at Lucky 3 Pet Grooming are seasoned and well-experienced groomers. We believe that we provide customers with the best overall service, personal attention, quality, and safety possible for the best prices and value.5. Have You Ever Seen a Dog in Drag?Our wall mural with dog cartoons has become a famous landmark with an exciting history and is of great interest to the general public...especially pet owners. This current work is the third collection of original and unique cartoons located on the side of the Lucky 3 building. It was featured on the front page of the Baltimore Sun on October 31, 1995. Although it sounds easy and fun to create these murals, it was, in fact, very difficult. Research and planning with input from numerous friends and employees took over a year. Then a search was instigated to find an artist capable of making the vision a reality. Hundreds of sketches were submitted, and it took 5 years of interviewing countless artists to select the one with the ability to create this project. Every detail was scrutinized. Even the colors were carefully chosen with the help of a Paint Chemist. Only the finest artwork was selected and copyrighted to grace the side of the pet grooming shop.Is that really Elvis, Marilyn, Dorothy from Kansas, or Liberace, or are they really dogs impersonating celebrities? Ingenious canine characters (such as the Miss America dog, the sleepy before-work-drop-off dog, the aerobics dog, and others) comprise the completed wall mural.Previously,the second mural in the series was the inspiration for the exterior of the main characters home in John Waters' movie Hairspray. In this movie, Ricki Lake's character, along with her mother (who was played by Divine) and her father (portrayed by Jerry Stiller), lived in the knotty-pine-paneled apartment upstairs.6. Pet Supplies and Fantastic DealsLucky 3 Pet Grooming offers you one of the most diverse selections of dog and cat supplies available with more than half of our products on sale. We buy fresh supplies from all over the United States and get many special deals and closeouts at great prices. The following items are generally available. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of all merchandise, especially closeout deals.Lupine Lifetime Product Guarantee* Lupine will replace any damaged leash, collar, or harness (even if chewed).
Half-Price and Close-out Deals* Dog Cages* Stainless steel dishes* Cat toys* Large variety of pet balls* Squeaky toys* Pet beds and pillows* Wild bird feeders*Cat scratching postCloseout Deals* Dog house 50% off* Dog self-feeder 60% off* Shampoo-eeze grooming gloves usually $18, closeout $4.99* Pet shampoos* 3-in-1 pet stroller, car seat, carrierMiscellaneous Sale-Priced Items* Stain and Odor Removers* Pooper Scoopers* Brushes* Breath Treats* Assorted rawhide* Dematting Products* Pet Carriers* Dog Chains* Catnip* Creme Rinses* Fruit flavored rope toys* Products for Skin Itching* Pet Hair Removers* Pet Toothpaste and Brushes* De-wormers* Get Naked treats* Pee posts* Apple peanut butter treats* Dog Cookies: Peanut Butter, Carob, Vanilla, Duplex, Cheese, and more!* Flea and tick products* CologneSpecialty Items* Nail Trimmers* Coats, Sweaters, Dresses w/ matching hats and leashes* Sun and Moon Glo Collars and Leashes *Dog Muzzles* Pill Dispensers* ID Tags* Pet Picture Frames -- A Great Gift -- $10 Your Choice!* Comic dog and cat door mats (example: "This is not a joke. If you ever want to see these people again, bring me 5 lbs. of fresh tuna in a plain brown bag." --The Cat) $16.......And other items7. Activities for "While-U-Wait" GroomingAs an extra incentive to keep our valued customers who travel more than two miles returning for service, whenever possible we offer immediate service upon arrival with prior notice.The following points of interest are suggestions for customers who remain in the area while their pets are being groomed. Bring your shopping list. Within walking distance, you can probably get all of your household needs at great prices. Patterson Park, food market, banks and a public library are all within walking distance of Lucky 3 Pet Grooming. Have your own hair cut and styled in Highlandtown, known as the "Hairdressing Capital," with many salons. In all, there are about 250 businesses in our surrounding area.For dining, there are over a dozen choices within a few blocks. A short drive east from Conkling and Fleet Streets brings you to Greek Town, featuring Habanero and Acropolis Restaurants. In the other direction, you can reach the Sip 'N Bite or Captain James Restaurants for great home-style meals. One mile towards downtown is Fells Point, which offers a market, dining, stores, and a shopping plaza. About a mile farther brings you to the Inner Harbor, and a little farther are the Downtown and Lexington Market areas. About two miles east in the county is Eastpoint Mall, with approximately 100 stores, including Burlington Coat Factory, Sears, and J. C. Penney.Some customers can take the opportunity to visit relatives who live in Highlandtown or the surrounding areas.8. Traveling TimesDepending upon traffic, you are only about 5-30 minutes away from our Highlandtown location if you are traveling from the following areas:Baltimore City WestBlair/EdisonBrooklyn ParkCherry HillDowntown BaltimoreDundalkEdmondson VillageEssexFederal HillGuilfordHampdenMt. WashingtonParkvillePikesvillePimlicoReisterstown Road PlazaRoland ParkSparrows PointTowsonCall for easy directions.We also have customers who travel from these and other areas:AberdeenArbutusChaseCockeysvilleElkridgeElktonEllicott CityFrederickGaithersburgGlen BurnieHunt ValleyMaryland and DC suburbsOwings MillsPasadenaPerry HallRandallstownReisterstownTimoniumWoodlawn9. Excerpts and Grooming Tips From Our BookDog Grooming & Pet Care: Doing It With Style was written by David Walter, the owner of the Lucky 3 Pet Grooming Shop. The following are excerpts from this book."Imagine a world in which people attend to their personal grooming only during the warm season, believing that in cold weather they may have a 'vacation' from trips to the barber or beauty shop and that they no longer need baths or shampoos! By Spring, this would no longer be a world of Beautiful People." - from "Cold Weather Grooming""Long nails interfere with the dog's natural stride and may cause unnecessary pressure on the delicate bones of the feet. These long nails may eventually cause foot spread, flattening of the foot, and/or crooked nail growth." - from "Nail Care""Parasite infestations can quickly reoccur unless treatment of both the animal and its quarters is undertaken SIMULTANEOUSLY. A thorough vacuuming or sweeping of the house and the pet's sleeping quarters is helpful to remove flea or tick eggs and larvae, as well as the lint, dust, and debris that the flea larvae feed upon." - from "Parasites: House & Yard Treatment""The style your dog receives from a grooming shop will depend on the creativity of the dog groomer and his experience with different styles and textures." - from "Creative Styling"Copyright(c) by David WalterHere are some issues that are addressed in the book:* Do you know all the ways to get rid of fleas and ticks?* What causes skin irritation from grooming?* What are the benefits and disadvantages of different hairstyles?* Understand what professional grooming is all about and how it affects your pet.* Learn how to handle uncooperative pets with easy methods, and how to give medication, clean ears, and cut nails.* Read original and overlooked answers to many problems that were previously "lived with" or not recognized.Loads of information on many different topics, with over 100 pictures and cartoons, and 56 chapters for easy and enjoyable reading for everyone. Learn to prevent problems before they occur. This is valuable knowledge you'll retain through your lifetime. If you own a dog, you should own this book! It makes an excellent gift for yourself, for family members, or a friend. Buy your copy from us today.We welcome new customers and their pets, as well as our regulars, to Lucky 3 Dog and Cat Grooming. When safety, experience, good service and quality grooming are your most important concerns, call 410-276-6666 for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!</FONT></STRONG>

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