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Dr. John Miller - Neurosurgery
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Dr. Miller uses a
state-of-the-art technique
called ELANA to treat
giant aneurisms. For more information about this exciting new technique, go to

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Dr. Miller's Unique Expertise - What distinquishes
Dr. John Miller from other surgeons.
Dr. Miller's practice is set apart from other neurosurgery practices and specialists facilities by his highly personal, empathetic, and communicative approach to patient care at the community level. He strongly believes that early intervention, coupled with a solid one-to-one approach, are essential keys for successfully treating a variety of neurological disorders including stroke, aneurysms, brain tumors, vascular brain diseases and hydrocephalus.
While large institutions sometimes offer some highly specialized options, the advantage of rapid or immediate response at the patient community level can be of huge advantage in many neurosurgical situations.
A specialist of Dr. Miller's caliber in the community setting offers the ideal combination of state-of-the-art expertise, rapid response, and continuity of care – within reach of important family support and family physician support.Confidence in the neurosurgeon is well placed with John Miller, MD, (read bio/cv).
Dr. Miller's Has a Special Way with Patients
He forms a partnership with his patients.
Having been a patient many times himself, he is sensitive to the fears and concerns of his patients. Dr. Miller knows how to talk to people to allay their fears.
Dr. Miller gets to know his patients, makes them comfortable, and follows their progress from beginning to completion.
If he is not the right person for the job, he will steer patients in the right direction, to a surgeon that can help them.
Long time experience at many hospitals under "triage" (emergency) circumstances. This allows him to be able to handle just about anything, with a calm and knowledgeable attitude. Dr. Miller has to assess very quickly what a patient needs, and make sound judgment calls.
He and his staff have experience working with many types of people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures.
Very experienced with clipping aneuryisms, and all aspects of neurovascular surgery.
He builds dedicated teams unique for every patient. Dr. Miller puts together whatever expertise is needed and makes it his business to know resources for his patients.
Dr. Miller has been doing this a long time, yet he is still learning the latest techniques (see The ELANA Technique below).
A State-of-the-Art-Technique for Cerebral Bypass
Excimer Laser Assisted Non-occlusive Anastomosis, or ELANA, is a new technique used to create cerebral bypasses. The ELANA technique is used to make a T-shaped artificial opening (called an anastomosis) without having to clamp the affected artery. This is a very important feature in bypass surgery, because it helps the neurosurgeon create bypasses on places previously impossible with conventional anastomosis techniques.
During the construction of an anastomosis using older conventional methods, it was necessary to clamp a recipient artery for 10 to 45 minutes (depending on where the bypass is located), barring any complications. This temporary occlusion could lead to brain cell death due to low oxygen supply, since brain cells are especially vulnerable to a lack of blood flow which delivers oxygen. ELANA gives the neurosurgeon the opportunity to create a high-flow bypass without the risks associated with conventional anastomosis construction and without any time pressure.
ELANA is mostly used to treat giant intracranial aneurysms (aneurysms larger than 2.5 cm wide) or to give new blood supply to patients with a partially blocked artery to the brain (ischemia). Dr. Miller trained in ELANA and is certified to use this innovative procedure.
For more information about this exciting technique, go to
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