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Welcome to MyFitFoods where you will lose unhealthy body fat, increase your energy levels, feel great and take your body back.
Losing weight, feeling great and eating high quality nutritious meals with today’s time pressed schedules can often be overwhelming. My Fit Foods is your solution to healthy meals to go that taste great. Say good-bye to hours of grocery shopping, cooking, dishes and frustration about how to eat healthy and say hello to a healthy high-energy lifestyle, made simple. My Fit Foods provides fresh, healthy portioned meals that taste great. Whether you are stopping by to pick up a quick meal or snack, or utilizing our complimentary full service consultation to design a meal plan around our 21-Day Challenge, we have products and services to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals. We know that 80% of your health and fitness results are based on the type of fuel you put in your body. We are here to make eating healthy a reality for any lifestyle.
I have a few questions for you.
When is the last time you woke up feeling refreshed?
When is the last time you ate a meal and felt energized afterwards?
When is the last time you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw?
When was the last time you wanted to be active?
Are you tired of the only convenient meals being fast food?
Are you tired of not having enough time to cook healthy meals at the office and at home?
Are you tired of sending you kids off to school with unhealthy lunches?
Are you tired of paying too much for healthy meals and not getting what you pay for?
You already know the answers to these questions. This is why My Fit Foods was created. You are what you eat and food is more responsible for how you feel, than you know. I love it when a client does the 21 day program and finally feels FIT. It's amazing; most people don't even realize how poorly their bodies are functioning. It's like crawling every single day of your life, when instead you should be walking. When you eat My Fit Foods you're not only going to look FIT, but you are going to want to go out and be FIT. Active foods make you active and Lazy foods make you lazy. The only reason you are not active is because of the food you are fueling your body with.
The buck stops here. If you've been searching for a fresh healthy meal company that is dedicated to only serving healthy food then look no further. The concept is simple. My Fit Foods will only serve food that has the following qualities
Food that is truly tasty and healthy
Low glycemic carbohydrates that your body will not store as fat
Only healthy fats
Properly portioned meals designed to fuel your metabolism and burn that fat
Meat that is 90 percent or leaner
My Fit Foods is dedicated to only high quality foods that are imperative to keeping you healthy. My Fit Foods is the company you can count on every single day of the week. All we want is to earn your business, to become your friend and to keep you healthy. Hopefully you will return the favor and tell your family and friends about us. Welcome to the My Fit Foods movement.
Have a great day, eat well, and don't forget to workout
Mario L. Mendias
Nutrition is 80% of your results.
Client Testimonials
Four days ago my weight was 197 (I'm 6'3") when I started with my fit foods. Before starting I was always sluggish and hard a hard time losing weight and feeling energized. My sleep was not that great and during work outs I a...
- Mason Thilman  Houston, TX
I have lost 54 pounds
I have pretty much tried every diet there is out there. Zone, South Beach, Atkins, Etc. None of them seemed to work for me. The benefit with the My Fit Foods plan is that you eat pre-portioned meals that are made fresh dai...
- Mario Herrera  Houston, Tx
Thank you for your words of encouragement.
I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed my new lifestyle since taking the 21-day challenge in February. When I first entered the MFF location in Uptown Park, I was a bit intimidated by the appearance of the staff. They...
- Chris Stamos  Houston, Tx
65 lbs. (& counting) ~ gone!
I only wish I had known about 'MyFitFoods' sooner. Your food is (in a word) 'great'! Hey y'all, if you're thinking of joining a weight loss "club"? Don't do it...not when you can have healthy, tasty, portion controlled food m...
- Desiree' Dedeaux-Brown  Houston, Texas
21 days to a new motivation.
Aside from all the health benefits and convenience of eating nutritional meals from My Fit Foods, I found the 21 day challenge was just that, a challenge. This is what I needed, this is what everyone needs, a challenge, moti...
- Chuck French  Houston, Tx
My, My Fit Foods Story:
All the guts at the Memorial store wanted me to tell my story. The thing is I'm not done! From October 15, 2009-January 15, 2010 I have lost 44 pounds. I don't see the scale move as fast now, but as Rudy puts it, I can use ...
- Greg 264 lbs to 220 lbs  Houston, Tx
I lost 34lbs in 21 days
Wow! Never in my dreams did I think it was possible to lose 34 pounds in
21 days. The 21-day challenge is an excellent way to start a healthy life
style. I don't think I could of done this without the support of the sta...
- John S.  Houston, TX
Good to Go
First time to visit My Fit Foods off Lemmon and I am very impressed. If you're a single guy like me then you don't like to cook. This is perfect for my lifestyle and diet. I will be a regular at this location...
- Scott  Dallas, TX
45lbs in 55 days
This is my secret weapon. Here are my complaints......The food tastes good, I stay full, my energy is high and everyday I step on the scale is a good one:)
I've never had a program that worked for me before. Thank you My...
- Dustin  Houston, Tx
I've been trying to lose 15lbs for 2 years
I've been trying to lose 15lbs for the past 2 years. Since eating the meals I've lost 10lbs in the past 11 weeks, effortlessly. I love MyFitFoods!...
- Kristen  Houston, Texas
I lost 16 lbs in 4 weeks
- Amber Limas  Houston, Tx
Fitness Instructor
As a triathlete and fitness instructor, I'm constantly searching for ways to improve my diet. My fit foods has enabled me to eat properly while on the go. The food tastes great and makes eating clean effortless. I would highl...
- Kelly Crone  Houston, Tx
You will be STUNNED because you actually WILL lose the weight eating very healthy, FRESH meals.
I have always battled with my weight. I tried LITERALLY every diet out there no matter the cost, and no matter how many pills I had to take. I had all but resolved to live my life overweight. I wasn't happy. None of my clothe...
- Tricia  Katy, TX
I lost 35lbs in 31 weeks
- Sarajane Milligan  Houston, Tx
I lost 11lbs in 12 weeks
- Lisa Fawcett  Houston, Tx
I lost 15lbs in 3 weeks
- Douglas Berryman  Houston, Tx
My waist went from a 32 to a 27 at 35 years old
- Alfredo Ramirez  Houston, Tx
A life changer, guaranteed to work!
MFF has saved me from the unhealthy meal options we are exposed to in our daily lives. I have many positive remarks about My Fit Foods:
First of all, I have always been a relatively healthy person, always looked at food labe...
- Laura Mantilla  Katy, TX
The food has so much flavor.
I have been interested in a food service live My Fit Foods for a couple of years. Frequently I would hear about or see a prepared meals business and then go look at their menu and not find anything that would appeal to me. I ...
- Kelly Odell  
I Love My Results!!!
I've always had a healthy, active lifestyle but I started to slip over the last couple of years and needed to get back in gear! I decided to do my own plan using My Fit Foods and adding exercise to my routine everyday.
- Chelsea Ray  Houston, TX
What I've Lost and What I've Gained!
I've lost a few pounds off my body. I've shed a few inches from my waist. Oh but what I've gained is a new way of thinking about and caring for my body! My Fit Foods has reeducated me on how to feed myself, and now I can appl...
- Gia Edwards  Austin, Texas
amazing ! I never write these things
I started the 21 day challenge on April 8 I met with Sally Z who
explained everything. Today is May 20 and I am down 25 lbs and
my high blood pressure is no more. My energy level and general
sense of well being is awes...
- Patrick Magee  Dallas, Tx
I lost 52lbs in 26 weeks
- Phillip Brown  Houston, Tx
Lost 12 lbs in 21 Days!
Stuck to the challenge..lost 12 lbs in 21 days! Now I know how and when to eat! I still buy some of my meals from Myfitfoods. Total lost since mid January 2011 is 22 lbs!...
- Sophia Rodriguez  Pasadena, TX
I lost 17.8 lbs in 13 Days
This program is simple. Talking to Mario was very comfortable and everything he has to say makes sense. All I did was follow his program exactly as he laid it out. The best part the food actually tastes good. I've never see...
- Ricardo Martinez  Houston, Tx
The flavors are bold and portions generous
An aerobics instructor and lifelong exercise enthusiast, working out was not the issue. I began training with Mario in early May and he assured me if I tried the MY Fit Foods for just 2 weeks, I'd lean out. So I tried his wa...
- Marlene Rawls  Houston, Tx
My energy levels are consistently high all the time
The past few years, I've been going through the motions of maintaining my physique. To get out of my rut, I sought out Mario for fitness training and nutritional advice. Although I was somewhat active before, poor nutrition...
- Blain Shanklin  Austin, Tx
$*#% My Clothes Say...
"You're too fat for me", "my seams are splitting", "you can't zip me up!" Well not anymore. Thank you to My Fit Foods. I'm wearing the clothes I couldn't wear in the back of the closet, my doctor has reduced my meds...
- Donna Rhine  Huntsville, Texas
Just got started today ... Jaclyn is TERRIFIC
So no great personal stories yet. But I must say I was VERY impressed with
Jaclyn at the Lemmon Ave. store. She did a FABULOUS job getting me
oriented in the 21 day program. I thought I knew quite a bit about
- Tom Davis  Dallas
I lost 16lbs in 3 weeks
- Alvin Nunnery  Pearland, Tx
I lost 20 lbs in 21 days
- Brandon  Austin
I lost 15lbs in 12 weeks
- Vince Wagner  Houston, Tx
My weight has not been yo-yoing.
For the past 15 years I've seen my weight go up. It has gone all the way up from 155 to 315 pounds. Every year I wanted to lose weight, which has always seemed impossible. Ever since starting on My Fit Foods I've lost over 40...
- H.Toh  
Lost more than weight.....
I told myself every Monday would be the day I started my diet, and every Monday I did..... Well, kinda. I'd last till about lunch time and then give up because "I could start tomorrow" or "This takes too much planning and cou...
- Shelsea Kinsey  Houston Texas
Wow what a differance!
I had my first My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge in Aug of 2010. I started at 294 lbs and wound up losing 16 pounds in just 21 days! My energy level greatly increased, I never felt hungry and the meals were delicious. It started ...
- Lance Sockwell  Spring,Texas
Amazing Results in Short Order
I used to eat out daily because I was busy with graduate school and working full-time. I could not resist eating bad foods on a daily basis. My total cholesterol was 220, and my triglycerides were over 500!!! I am only in my...
- Donny A.  Sugar Land, TX
It works!
I did the 21-day challenge (twice) and have lost at least 15 pounds both times. I definitely feel energized and do not have as many cravings. With the latest round though it seems as if the small portions are smaller than b...
- Jennifer Whittenburg  Houston Texas
WOW - This Program Works
I have read numerous fitness mags and tried various workouts. The weight wasn't coming off. I decided to give the nutrition change a try. I looked at several programs and MFF seemed to be one that had meals that I could se...
- Raquel Sims  Houston/TX
If you want a kick start to losing weight and eating right, eat My Fit Foods!
My main goal as I began the 21 day challenge was to drop a few pounds before I went through a surgery to donate a kidney to my brother-in-law. My second goal was to get a good idea of portion size for each meal as well as dif...
- Jason Archinal  Kingwood, Texas
Lost 22 pounds and got a food education
The truth of the matter is in what you eat. I had been eating the wrong foods for years. Jason explained to me how foods made with preservatives work against your body.You will notice fewer headaches,less fatigue and more ene...
- Bruce Adams   Dallas,Tx
21 Day Challenge Results
I just completed the 21 day challenge and lost 16 pounds. I would definitely recommend My Fit Foods. It works because it's not a diet, it's just healthy food. I have more energy and have learned a lot about eating healthy....
- J. J. Klevenhagen  Houston, TX
Gluten Free Friendly!
Thank you so much for using gluten free friendly ingrediants in many of your meals and snacks! I love the nut thins in the Picnic Time snack and the gluten free noodles in the Chicken Alfredo. Even though I am forced to be Gl...
- Hanna Ogle  Austin Texas
Lost 32 pounds in less than 3 months.
I have been very impressed with My Fit Foods and combined with a strong cardio regiment, I have lost over 32 pounds in less than 3 months. My goal was originally to lose 10 - 15 pounds. I was shocked by the healthy weight los...
- J.  Dallas, Texas
21 Day Challenge
Thank you, Talybra and My Fit Foods! The 21 day challenge was that a challenge but it was a great experience! My drop in weight was 6% and I am looking forward to continue with MFF and losing some more weight. The challenge n...
- J M  Houston TX
More Engaged in Life AND Work!
I began the 21-day challenge in April. I had been involved in an exercise boot camp since November 2010, but hadn't seen the results I wanted. I am now in my 3rd month eating My Fit Foods! Not only have I seen tremendous c...
- Keith Davenport  Dallas, Texas
Not just for weight loss!
I had always wanted to go into a My Fit Foods and just check it out. One day driving down FM 1960 I decided to stop into a chain sandwich shop, I pulled up in the parking lot and noticed that a My Fit Foods was right next do...
- Bonnie Egbert  Spring, Texas
Weight is down, energy is up
MFF was a guest speaker for the Woodlands Cycling Club meeting last October and even brought samples. My wife wanted to give it a try and I reluctantly agreed. Well, to date my wife Sherri is down 21lbs and I am down 18lbs ju...
- Mark McIntyre  The Woodlands, Tx
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