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Welcome to Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado (VRCC).
At the VRCC we are committed to the finest care available for your animal companion.
Through advanced education and experience, veterinarians can focus and specialize their knowledge in various areas of medicine and become Board certified. Some of the world's leading veterinary specialists work at VRCC in the fields of Neurology/Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Oncology/Radiation Therapy, Surgery, Dermatology/Allergy, Ophthalmology, and Emergency Care.
If your pet has a chronic disease or life threatening injury, you can turn to a VRCC specialist who spends every day curing and treating animals with your pet's specific illness. Our veterinary experts and advanced technology give your pet the best chance of a happy, healthy recovery.
A referral from your veterinarian is not required and you are welcome to contact us directly. Because VRCC is not a general care facility, we will work in conjunction with your family veterinarian to assure your pet receives optimal care. Please ask your veterinarian about VRCC or give us a call for specifics.

Dr. Jenna Ashton Interviewed on Dog Works Radio
Have you ever wondered what Internal Medicine means or what types of diseases they treat?

Dr. Jenna Ashton answers those questions and more in her interview on Dog Works Radio hosted by Robert and Michelle Forto.

Listen to the interview today!

Dog Works Radio Show

VRCC Specialists Highlighted at ACVIM
DENVER, Colo. -- The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) will host the media briefing Animal Survivor during the 2011 ACVIM Forum on Thursday, June 16.
Animal Survivor will give media insight into the medical advances that saved the lives of courageous Colorado-area animals and will allow reporters to meet the animals, the owners, and Board-certified Veterinary Specialists who were instrumental in their care.

WHAT: ANIMAL SURVIVOR -- Animals, their owners, and the Veterinary Specialists who cared for the animals will share remarkable Animal Survivor stories at this event. The animals will serve as excellent visuals of local animals that have overcome life-threatening illnesses thanks to the help of an ACVIM Board-certified Specialist.

WHEN: 9:50 am to 11:00 am, Thursday, June 16 ACVIM Forum Press Room, Room 703, Colorado Convention Center For press credentials or more information, please contact Jenn Armbruster at 303-231-9933 or Jennifer@ACVIM.org.

WHO: The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) is the national certifying organization for veterinary specialists in Cardiology, Large Animal Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, and Small Animal Internal Medicine. The ACVIM hosts an annual continuing education meeting (ACVIM Forum) where cutting-edge information, technology, and research abstracts are showcased for the veterinary community. A complete program of the 2011 ACVIM Forum sessions, as well as a virtual press room, can be found at www.ACVIMForum.org.

Gryphon - Canine Cancer Survivor


Smokey Grey - Overcame Paralysis

Pet Talk: Hundreds of dogs, owners make strides vs. cancer
VRCC talks about pet cataracts on Channel 7 News
Dr. Wheeler Talks About Dog Flu
Maggie&#039;s new owner has a heart of gold

Please meet Maggie. She was adopted at nine years of age and within two weeks her owner started treating her for advanced diabetes. Cataract problems caused by the diabetes were also detected and her new owner scheduled her for lens replacement surgery. That was only a few weeks ago and you can see that Maggie is doing well. What a great mom! Maggie is already quite attached.
Sahara Found A New Home

Sahara is a very gentle Labrador Retriever that was found abandoned in New Mexico with her new litter of puppies. She was being fostered by Retriever Rescue of Colorado who quickly noticed she had some serious eye issues and was in pain. After a visit to the ophthalmologists at VRCC, it was found she had glaucoma in both eyes. The Retriever Rescue of Colorado and the doctors at VRCC coordinated on her treatment. Dr. Nuhsbaum was able to save one eye, maintaining Sahara's vision and relieving her of pain. She is doing very well and loving being part of a new family.
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If you have any questions, please contact VRCC.

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